rkt roadmap

This document defines a high level roadmap for rkt development. The dates below should not be considered authoritative, but rather indicative of the projected timeline of the project. The milestones defined in GitHub represent the most up-to-date state of affairs.

rkt is an implementation of the App Container spec, which is still under active development on an approximately similar timeframe. The version of the spec that rkt implements can be seen in the output of rkt version.

rkt's version 1.0 release marks the command line user interface and on-disk data structures as stable and reliable for external development. The (optional) API for pod inspection is not yet completely stabilized, but is quite usable.

Ongoing projects

  • CRI: implementation of the new Container Runtime Interface from Kubernetes.

Next releases

rkt 1.17.0 (October)

Up-to-date planning at https://github.com/coreos/rkt/milestone/51.

rkt 1.18.0 (October)

Up-to-date planning at https://github.com/coreos/rkt/milestone/52.


Future tasks without a specific timeline are tracked at https://github.com/coreos/rkt/milestone/30.