rkt api-service


The API service lists and introspects pods and images. The API service is implemented with gRPC. The API service is designed to run without root privileges, and currently provides a read-only interface. The API service is optional for running pods, the start/stop/crash of the API service won't affect any pods or images.

Running the API service

The API service listens for gRPC requests on the address and port specified by the --listen option. The default is to listen on the loopback interface on port number 15441, equivalent to invoking rkt api-service --listen=localhost:15441. Specify the address to listen on all interfaces.

Typically, the API service will be run via a unit file similar to the one included in the dist directory.

Using the API service

The interfaces are defined in the protobuf here. Here is a small Go program that illustrates how to use the API service.


Flag Default Options Description
--listen localhost:15441 An address to listen on Address to listen for client API requests

Global options

See the table with global options in general commands documentation.