Tests on several Linux distributions

rkt aims to be supported on several Linux distributions. In order to notice distro-specific issues, Continuous Integration should ideally run the tests on several Linux distributions.

rkt tests can be intrusive and require full root privileges. Each test should be run on a fresh VM. VMs should not be reused for next tests.


Tests run on Jenkins Jenkins for each PR and periodically on the master branch.


The script tests/aws.sh can generate a AMI of the specified Linux distribution with all the dependencies rkt needs.

First, install aws-cli and configure it with your AWS credentials. Then, create a key pair and a security group for rkt tests:

$ tests/aws.sh setup

Then generate an AMI of the specified Linux distribution:

$ tests/aws.sh fedora-22
$ tests/aws.sh fedora-23
$ tests/aws.sh fedora-24
$ tests/aws.sh fedora-rawhide
$ tests/aws.sh ubuntu-1604
$ tests/aws.sh ubuntu-1510
$ tests/aws.sh debian
$ tests/aws.sh centos

The generated AMIs can then be used to configure Jenkins.

If new packages are needed they can be added to the corresponding cloudinit files in test/cloudinit.