rkt status

Given a pod UUID, you can get the exit status of its apps. Note that the apps are prefixed by app-.

$ rkt status 66ceb509
created=2016-01-26 14:23:34.631 +0100 CET
started=2016-01-26 14:23:34.744 +0100 CET

Note that pid may not be available shortly after rkt run, or rkt run-prepared, even when state=running.

The --wait flags below can be used to wait for a Pod to be running with its pid captured.

If the pod is still running, you can wait for it to finish and then get the status with rkt status --wait UUID. To wait for the pod to become ready, execute rkt status --wait-ready. Both options also accept a duration. To wait up to 10 seconds until the pod is finished, execute rkt status --wait=10s UUID.


Flag Default Options Description
--wait false true or false or duration Toggle waiting for the pod to finish.
--wait-ready false true or false or duration Toggle waiting until the pod is ready.

Global options

See the table with global options in general commands documentation.