rkt list

You can list all rkt pods.

$ rkt list
UUID        APP     IMAGE NAME               STATE      CREATED        STARTED         NETWORKS
5bc080ca    redis   redis                    running    2 minutes ago  41 seconds ago  default:ip4=
            etcd    coreos.com/etcd:v2.0.9
3089337c    nginx   nginx                    exited     9 minutes ago  2 minutes ago

You can view the full UUID as well as the image's ID by using the --full flag.

$ rkt list --full
UUID                                   APP     IMAGE NAME              IMAGE ID              STATE      CREATED                             STARTED                             NETWORKS
5bc080cav-9e03-480d-b705-5928af396cc5  redis   redis                   sha512-91e98d7f1679   running    2016-01-25 17:42:32.563 +0100 CET   2016-01-25 17:44:05.294 +0100 CET   default:ip4=
                                       etcd    coreos.com/etcd:v2.0.9  sha512-a03f6bad952b
3089337c4-8021-119b-5ea0-879a7c694de4  nginx   nginx                   sha512-32ad6892f21a   exited     2016-01-25 17:36:40.203 +0100 CET   2016-01-25 17:42:15.1 +0100 CET


Flag Default Options Description
--full false true or false Use long output format
--no-legend false true or false Suppress a legend with the list

Global options

See the table with global options in general commands documentation.